Saabunud kiri: Central Baltic programme manual update

Asja number: VP-17-0126
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Teema: Central Baltic programme manual update
Registreeritud: 11.05.2020
Kellele saadetud: Anneli Säälik
Dokumendi liik: Kiri
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Organisatsioon: City of Turku
Saatja kuupäev: 11.05.2020

Seisund: Lõpetatud
Vastutav töötaja: Marju Laur
Vastamise tähtaeg: 11.06.2020
Failid: Central Baltic Programme Manual 3.2_0-1.pdf ( 1323 kb )
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Dear all,
Central Baltic secretariat have been working on the Programme Manual. Please have a look below.

Best, Laura

Dear Lead Partner,

We would like to inform you that we have made some updates to our Programme Manual. Please share this information with your project partners. The newest version 3.2 includes the following updates:

1. Explanation on that the euro conversion is done automatically by eMS, page 69
2. A reference to Frequently Asked Questions added, page 74 and 97
3. The internet link to public procurement on contract awards below EU threshold has been fixed, page 81
4. A clarification on that the flexibility rule cannot change partner budget has been added, page 70
5. Explanations on what kind of overtime work can be approved has been added, page 75
6. A clarification on for whom the travel and accommodation costs apply has been added, page 79
7. Explanations of three accounting terms have been added, page 83
8. A clarification on how pro rata is applied for equipment bought at the project end has been added, page 83
9. A clarification on that deductions up to 100% are possible as financial corrections, page 101
10. An explanation on the final closure letter of the Managing Authority has been added, page 102

This version replaces all previous versions. The Manual can be found at the Documents section of the Central Baltic Programme website at:

Best regards,
Leena Telkkinen
Project Coordinator
Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020
Joint Secretariat

C/O Regional Council of Southwest Finland
Postal address: P.O. Box 273, 20101 Turku, Finland
Visiting address: Ratapihankatu 36, 2
nd floor, Turku
Phone: +358 40 575 2604
Central Baltic Programme Manual 3.2_0-1.pdf