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Teema: HEAT -project start
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Dear Colleagues,

I hope you have had a relaxing Easter weekend and I am happy to remind us all that our project “HEAT – Participatory urban planning for healthier urban communities” (CB693) started officially yesterday, 1 April.
The final clarifications were submitted to the Central Baltic Secretariat last Monday, 26 March – this was later than expected due to the delays in communication with the Secretariat and the processing of the documents.
We are now waiting for the final confirmation and the Subsidy Contract.
Thank you for your cooperation during the clarification process and your patience!

From the Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association, the project will be managed by me and my colleague, Hanna Dunning, who has already contacted you about the kick-off meeting. We are happy to advice you on any issue you might have during the implementation of the project. J

Now, when we start the project, we should take care for several administrative issues.
Please bear with me, read this email till the end and take action where needed.

Next steps:
- Access to eMS – Electronic Monitoring System: you need it to be able to submit your progress report and manage the finances of your organization. Also, the whole application is there for the reference during the implementation. If you don’t have the username yet, please register at and send me your username until the end of this week. One organization can have one shared username or you might want to have your personal accesses, as you wish.
- Skype IDs – the communication in between the meetings will be via emails and skype meetings. Please send me your skype ID together with eMS username. We will send doodle soon to find out the date for our meeting in April.
- Time allocations for the staff members – each member of the staff working for the project should have a time allocation – job description confirming which % of their working time is allocated to the project and what tasks belong to the person. This should be signed by the supervisor and the staff member and attached with the first report (after first 6 months of the project). I am attaching two examples of the time allocation from one of our previous project. The % of the working time was set in the budget of your organization.
- Kick-off and HEAT tool training will be in Turku on 16-18 May. Register here by 21 April: Please wait a bit with the travel arrangements – I want first to have the final confirmation from the Secretariat about the eligibility of the costs as from 1 April. It should be confirmed this week. I will notify you asap.

How to prepare yourself for the project management and administration – good read:
- CB Programme Manual – it should answer all the questions about eligibility of the costs and reporting procedures – Implementation part starts on page 66:
- Guide for project implementation – especially useful during the reporting of the first period:
- HEAT Tool:

Thank you!
Have a lovely week.

Best regards,
Karolina & Hanna

Karolina Mackiewicz - Executive Director

Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association
WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health
in the Baltic Region

Tel. +358 40 5075 069

Baltic Sea House
Vanha Suurtori 7
FIN-20500 Turku, Finland
CB465_Time allocation_Mackiewicz.pdfCB465_Time allocation_Reiman.pdf