Saabunud kiri: Co-working on the main outcomes of HEAT

Asja number: VP-17-0126
Sari: 19-2 Välisprojektidega seotud dokumendid (s.h. projektitaotlused- ja muudatused, väljamaksetaotlused, aruanded, hankedokumendid ja kirjavahetus)
Teema: Co-working on the main outcomes of HEAT
Registreeritud: 23.01.2020
Kellele saadetud: Anneli Säälik
Dokumendi liik: Kiri
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Organisatsioon: VALONIA
Saatja kuupäev: 23.01.2020

Seisund: Lõpetatud
Vastutav töötaja: Marju Laur
Vastamise tähtaeg: 23.02.2020
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Dear HEAT partners!

Hope you all have had a wonderful start for the new decade (and the final year of HEAT ?)!

It is time to start thinking about the main outcomes of HEAT. Besides the traditional reporting, we will produce an inviting and easy to read material package for city planners/officials to help them promote participatory urban planning and sustainable & healthy traffic planning in their own networks. This material package and its promotion combines 3 deliverables (1) ebook 2) website with clips 3) peer network ) promised in the application.

Please read this message carefully and the fill in your comments/thoughts on this sheet by next Thursday (30th of January)
Take time to think about this before our Skype next Tuesday – in case you have questions, we can talk about this during the Skype meeting.

Our target group
Instead of trying to reach the whole Europe and beyond as it says in the project plan (? ), we have decided to focus on producing a material package for our networks, colleagues and stakeholder groups – the “ideal target” for the material might be someone who already believes in the idea of participatory planning and wants to promote sustainability but could benefit from tools and tips and also promotional material he/she could use when introducing these ideas to their colleagues/stakeholders

The materials
The HEAT project team will choose the key themes we want to promote, maybe 4-8 themes?
For each theme the project partners will create
The next/the first step of the process
To proceed, we need to come up with the list of the key themes. After that Valonia, Cykelfrämjandet & IBS will come up with a more detailed topic list (with topics for videos etc) and a timeline.
Here’s a Google sheet with a draft for the theme/topic structure. Please comment on the list on the column of your organization (on the second tab of the sheet):
So, let’s talk about this next Tuesday! Naturally you can contact me even before that in case there are urgent questions ?



Anna Sampo
+358 40 1972 257
Communication Specialist
VALONIA – Service Centre for Sustainable Development and Energy of Southwest Finland
Box 273, FI-20101 Turku, Finland