Saadetud kiri: Invitation to tender

Asja number: RH-21-393

Kirja saaja:
Organisatsioon: KiVa Antibullying Program

Saatja: Tartu Linnavalitsus Haridusosakond
Teema: Invitation to tender
Koostaja: Ülle-Nancy Liiv
Registreeritud: 19.10.2021
Seisund: Allkirjastatud
Saadetud: 19.10.2021
Edastamise meetod: E-post
Failid: Haridusosakond_Kiri_20211019_RH-21-393.asice ( 130 kb )
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KiVa Antibullying Program

Meie 19.10.2021 nr 4-6/RH-21-393

Invitation to tender

Department of education in Tartu invites you to submit an offer aimed at preventing cases of bullying in schools and helping schools (approximately 6,000 students and school staff, including teachers) to implement anti-bullying measures for the school year 2021/2022.
The prerequisite for identifying a successful bid is the lowest cost and the research-based approach of the program.

Please provide your tender and the activities included in it. Together with the tender, please also submit a confirmation that you do not have the grounds for exclusion provided for in § 95 (1) of the Public Procurement Act.
Please submit the tender in digitally signed form no later than Thursday, 21st October 2021 at 11.00am at

Sincerely yours

Ülle-Nancy Liiv