Asi: Study visit "The new age of cultural relations between Tartu, Turku, Tampere and Hafnarfjördur" (Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme)

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Asja number: VP-18-0151
Menetlev üksus: Tartu linnavalitsuse kultuuriosakond
Vastutav töötaja: Kristiina Avik
Sari: 19-2 Välisprojektidega seotud dokumendid (s.h. projektitaotlused- ja muudatused, väljamaksetaotlused, aruanded, hankedokumendid ja kirjavahetus)
Teema: Study visit "The new age of cultural relations between Tartu, Turku, Tampere and Hafnarfjördur" (Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme)
Registreeritud: 17.09.2018



The main objective of the project is to promote existing cultural relations with our twin cities as well
as gain valuable knowledge for the candidature of European Capital of Culture in 2024. Despite the
fact that Turku, Tampere and Hafnarfjörður are all twin cities of Tartu, cultural relations and
cooperation have remained rather limited throughout last several years. Therefore, the aim of the
project is mutual exchange of experiences and discussion of potential cultural cooperation.
The delegation of department of culture will visit Finland on November 21st - 24th 2018 and Iceland on March 17th - 22nd 2019.


Our objective is to create personal contacts with the representatives of partner cities in order to
discuss future cooperation. In each partner institution our delegation will meet with the department
of cultural affairs to discuss general practices in the field of cultural policy, cultural management,
creative industries, recreational activities, cultural societies and cultural financing. It is important for
Tartu to explore different models of funding available for cultural organisations and projects since we
are in the middle of the process of developing new regulations ourselves. In addition, cooperation
with universities and other research institutions in the field of culture will be discussed as well using
festivals and other cultural events as tools for city marketing.


There will be organized visits to cultural organisations such as museums and cultural
centres in order to explore different management models and meetings with local festival organizers
will be conducted to exchange experiences in the field and learn from the best practicies.
During our visit to Tampere we will learn about cultural policy and city branding. Tampere is famous
for its international events, festivals, museums and cultural centers which attract tourists all around
the year. Tartu and Tampere have tight cultural contacts, but at the moment these contacts are
mostly between different kind of organisations. Art and music schools from both cities meet regularly
to organise joint events. Joint exhibitions and meetings of writers are arranged frequently. However,
the cultural managers of both cities have not had possibilities to meet each other. Therefore, in
addition to above-mentioned priorities, we would like to learn about Tampere’s experience in the
field of recreational activities and creative industry since they have consistently developed these
fields during the last several years.
The main focus of our study trip to Turku is to learn about their experience as being European
Capital of Culture in 2011. In addition, important part of Turku’s marketing strategy is the concept of
Christmas City. Turku has long traditions of Christmas celebrations such as Old Time Christmas
Market and the Declaration of Christmas Peace. During the last couple of years, Tartu has developed
similar concept for Christmas City. Therefore, it would be interesting to exchange experiences. Since
Turku has a good experience in developing the museums, organising networking events and using them in city branding, we would like to hear about their experiences.
During our visit to Hafnarfjörður, we would like to hear about their successful Residence program
which is organized by the Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art. Moreover, we plan to visit
Reykjavik which is located 10 kilometres from Hafnarfjörður and exchange experiences about being
UNESCO Cities of Literature. Iceland in general is a good example of best practices in the field of
literature with its population’s high level of reading as well as frequent visiting statistics to libraries
among all age groups. Therefore, it is extremely important for Tartu to learn about their initiatives
and activities conducted in this regard.


Expected results of the project are long-term cultural relations and potential cooperation ideas with
partner cities. As a result of the project, there will be many interesting ideas for Tartu in terms of its
prioritized areas such as cultural policy, financing, networking, literature etc. As we are currently in
the middle of the process of changing guidelines for financing system of cultural projects, new
knowledge and ideas are most welcome in this regard. In addition, as Tartu is UNESCO City of
Literature and applying to be European Captial of Culture in 2024, it is important to develop our
marketing ideas.


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Tartu LV kultuuriosakond


City of Tampere Culture & Arts Unit, Cultural Affairs (Finland), City of Turku (Finland), Municipality of Hafnarfjördur (Iceland)


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21.11.2018 - 22.03.2019



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