Saabunud kiri: online meeting+vote for budget meeting+partnership agreement

Asja number: VP-17-0126
Sari: 19-2 Välisprojektidega seotud dokumendid (s.h. projektitaotlused- ja muudatused, väljamaksetaotlused, aruanded, hankedokumendid ja kirjavahetus)
Teema: online meeting+vote for budget meeting+partnership agreement
Registreeritud: 23.01.2020
Kellele saadetud: Anneli Säälik
Dokumendi liik: Kiri
Edastamise viis: E-post

Organisatsioon: City of Turku
Saatja kuupäev: 23.01.2020

Seisund: Lõpetatud
Vastutav töötaja: Marju Laur
Vastamise tähtaeg: 23.02.2020
Failid: CB693HEAT_Partnership agreement_CityofTurku 7.1.2020.pdf ( 291 kb )
Subsidy Contract City of Turku signed & scanned.pdf ( 1417 kb )
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Hi everyone,
I hope you’re well and ready for this year’s actions. I am starting with this long email, and we just received instructions from Anna how to start with the material package. It looks like we are going to be very productive this year!

1) We are having a skype meeting next week Tuesday at 14 Finnish time. I hope Rasma will be able to fix the technological issues so we can use the skype for business. If not, we might need to try something like Google hangouts or Zoom. So please, be awake on Monday afternoon/ Tuesday morning in case we need to try something different. But let’s keep our fingers crossed that the Jurmala IT experts can fix the problem and we can have the meeting normally.

You can find the agenda from google drive.

2) In February we are going to have two skypes. One regular at the end of the month 25 February, and before that meeting regarding the budget change. Please vote the date for budget skype via doodle.

It turned out that the budget changes I received from you are little bit difficult to read. To avoid any misunderstandings, our controller Jussi Välimäki will prepare his templates for all the partners and I kindly ask you to provide the information in that format. We will have the skype, so Jussi can show you how his template works and answer straight away if you have any questions.

This template for budget change is compulsory for all. Even if you don’t need to make a change, it is essential to have a look how much you have spent and will spent on the last periods.

After the skype you can fill in the templates in a week or so. Then Jussi combines budget templates and prepares the official request for the budget modification. The secretariat reserves 20 days’ time for them to assess the request, and if (and when) it is accepted, the new budget will show in eMs before reporting period 4. If everything goes smoothly, that is.

3) Last but not least, there is the amendment to the partnership agreement. After quite some time, I finally have the updated partnership agreement for you to sign. You can also find the attached subsidy contract, which the other agreement is referring to. Could you please ask your legal representatives to sign it and scan it back to me? Let me know, if the names have changed.

Best regards, Laura

Laura Luukkonen
Project Coordinator
City of Turku

+358 40 1788 926
CB693HEAT_Partnership agreement_CityofTurku 7.1.2020.pdfSubsidy Contract City of Turku signed & scanned.pdf