Saabunud kiri: HEAT -Digital participation

Asja number: VP-17-0126
Sari: 19-2 Välisprojektidega seotud dokumendid (s.h. projektitaotlused- ja muudatused, väljamaksetaotlused, aruanded, hankedokumendid ja kirjavahetus)
Teema: HEAT -Digital participation
Registreeritud: 11.09.2019
Kellele saadetud: Anneli Säälik
Dokumendi liik: Kiri
Edastamise viis: E-post

Organisatsioon: VALONIA-Service Centre for Sustainable Development and Energy of Southwest Finland
Saatja kuupäev: 11.09.2019

Seisund: Lõpetatud
Vastutav töötaja: Marju Laur
Vastamise tähtaeg: 11.10.2019
Seotud dokumendid:
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Dear All,

as Marja mentioned in her previous message, besides the presentations she asked you to prepare about the interactive workshops you have arranged within the project, we’d also like you to fill in this form to help us gather information for our conclusions about digital tools you have used (and the “e-book” in the future). Please do this by the 25th of September so we have time to look into these before we meet in Tartu.

If you have not yet used any digital tools, please let us know via email about your plans and schedule for your digital participatory process within HEAT.

So, to sum up, what Valonia needs from you is
The tools we talk about here can either have been used as part of the interactive workshops or separately – in both cases, please report via the form

Thank you in advance and see you in Tartu!



Anna Sampo
+358 40 1972 257
Communication Specialist
VALONIA – Service Centre for Sustainable Development and Energy of Southwest Finland
Box 273, FI-20101 Turku, Finland